Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Spring is here and it is time to prepare for labour.

When I think of Spring I think of Cherry blossom and lambs being born, and that puts into my mind Ante or Pre natal classes.

Classes offer a chance for you and your partner to prepare for your upcoming labour and the birth of your baby. If you were running a marathon you would have spent at least a year preparing for the run in order to make sure you had the skills and stamina to get your gold medal. Logically then preparing for labour should be taken as seriously.

Choosing which classes to attend is important. I have some couples who when pregnant say I am going to have a C'section because I don't want to go through labour. But after they have attended 1 or 2 different types ofAntenatal class they are both so excited they decide to have a natural birth without any drugs, and usually do so with ease.

Mind over Matter is the key to successful preparation. Practice the skills until they become second nature. Your mind always controls how your body reacts to feelings such as contractions, to thoughts, beliefs, etc For example fear causes the flight or fight response in the body pumping Adrenalin into the blood stream and this tenses all the muscles, increases the heart rate and makes us run or freeze.

Imagine this reaction during labour. How can your uterine muscles contract and open your cervix easily without pain if your body has frozen and it tense and stiff making it a struggle? To enable opening your body must remain relaxed and floppy allowing the uterine muscles to do their job which is to lift, push down and open your cervix.

Your Antenatal classes shouldn't frighten you, but should make you feel empowered and excited about the up coming labour. As I aways say Knowledge Breeds Confidence.

Here in Singapore there are many different types of classes to choose from.  Hospitals all have their own classes and then there is Mother and Child in Tanglin Mall which offers you  fully comprehensive courses that cover everything you will need both Pre and Postnataly. And for those who prefer a gentler approach there is Hypnobirthing.  This is taught here in many guises so look at the course content to make sure it is what you are looking for. They all differ.

The Sun has got it's hat on.  Yeah.