Wednesday, 13 July 2016


It is mid Summer already and as temperatures rise so do peoples tempers!

 When you are given an appointment time to see your OBGYN in his clinic the idea is that you will be seen on, or around, your allocated appointment time. Clinic's start on time provided that the Dr hasn't had to attend a birth or emergency on his way to start the clinic. If that happens, as it does occasionally, then that clinic starting late will soon get backed up. Please be patient and be prepared for some delay.

We don't deliberately run late just to irritate you or your husband. It is not some plot against you personally and shouting abusively at the staff will not make you feel better or change the fact that your Dr is running late. Remember that you get more bees with honey! If you were in labour and about to give birth you would want your Dr to make you his priority. 

We had a case in June where our staff were brought to tears by abuse from a new patient who had been waiting longer than the 20 minutes she had been told was the average waiting time with no emergency. She shouted and threatened and behaved very badly illuminating cultural differences.  She left the clinic staff feeling hurt and frustrated that they couldn't satisfy her needs.  I don't know how she felt as she left but she won't be forgotten.

I am always amazed that work places need to post signs saying that they have the right to refuse service to people that physically or verbally abuse their staff. People, keep your tempers in check. We all have feelings.

I suggest that you expect some waiting time when you make your Dr's appointments. Be prepared to wait your Dr is worth it.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer & stay cool.