Sunday, 25 June 2017


Greetings to you all! 
The Summer is here at last. In Singapore the temperature does not vary much throughout the year but we do have a Rainy and a Hot season. Humidity stays at 75-90% all year around. Anyway I digress!
You didn't get my May blog because of technical difficulties, well user error I fear.

Did you know that when you are pregnant and would like to take a cruise on a cruise ship that you must be less than 25 weeks pregnant or you can't sail?
 A family I know booked and paid for a 4 day cruise and were waiting on the dock to board when they looked at the mother and said how many weeks pregnant are you? she showed them a doctors letter stating that she was fit to g on the ship but they refused it saying she was already 25 weeks pregnant and was not able to go on a cruise.
 They were furious and asked to see the Captain who pointed to the very small print on the website that stated passengers could only travel by ship below 24 weeks gestation of pregnancy. He sent them home.

WHY? well from what I can gather they don't have the medical facilities on board a cruise ship or the means to get a patient to hospital with a PREMATURE baby. Babies are viable ie can live outside the mother's body from 24+ weeks gestation onwards. A normal term baby is from 37 weeks gestation.

How pregnant can you be to fly on an aeroplane? of course that depends on the airline, but generally you can fly with a doctor's letter until you are 32 weeks gestation. Once past 35 weeks you are more likely to go into labour and if on board a plane would cause all kinds of problems for the staff!
Should they turn the plane around or not?
Is there a midwife on board the flight to assess the situation?
 Do you want to have your baby in the exotic location you are flying to on holiday?
 IF NOT then don't fly after 32 -35 weeks.

During the last weeks of pregnancy most women 'nest" and don't want to wander to far from home instinctively! TRUST YOUR BODY! It will tell you what it needs.
Until July .