Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cats- Pecking order!

We have 3 cats and a dog named Merlin. People who see them always ask do your cats and dog get along? They do! Merlin likes being surrounded by cats and they in turn ignore him unless they want company. A more interesting question is do our cats all get along. The answer is that there is a pecking order and as long as they all follow the order they get along quite well.
Our eldest cat Chile is 12 and cranky with sore joints. She must be going deaf because she has taken to screaming loudly when chased by the other 2. The middle cat is a huge Main Coon called Sumo, he is 8 and swats the other two for fun occasionally. Generally he is very laid back and the observer! Our 3rd cat is Dragon is 1 year old an has all her kitten traits.. If she enters a room with Chile in it there is a lot of throaty growling from Chile and occasional hissing from Dragon. As long as Dragon follows the pecking order they all cope and can be found snoozing on the same bed together once in a while.
Life without pets would be very sad.!

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