Friday, 9 May 2014

SPRING is here

Congratulations to all Mothers-to-be. I hope that your PREGNANCY is going comfortably?

Spring is here already. I was in France and England a couple of weeks ago where everything was blossoming and the sun was shining. Beautiful.

As a Midwife I want to remind all of you that if during your pregnancy you feel something is not right, an inkling, or gut feeling that your baby is not behaving as you have come to expect PLEASE CALL YOUR DR IMMEDIATELY. It is much better to check and reassure yourself that all is well even if you end up wasting your time because everything is quite normal and on track. We don't mind. Far safer to check. PLEASE.

A reminder about FOODs.
You can't east soft unpasteurized cheese even if it does come from The Four Seasons restaurant! Just because it comes from a fancy place it is still unpasteurized and unsafe during your pregnancy. Better to wait until after your baby is born!!

I attended a lovely birth a few months ago. Due to be born in hospital the little girl didn't want to wait and was born at home. It was the mother's 3rd baby and a very quick and easy labour. Granny was on hand to take the big Brother and Sister to the pool while I went upstairs to the Condo to deliver the baby. Once safely out and on the breast her Brother, Sister and Granny came to meet her. It was a lovely family moment with the 6 of them.
"The best laid plans of Mice and Men."

I will now Blog every couple of weeks. If anyone is following this I apologise for the slow start! I am now launching my website and am here to answer any PREGNANCY & CHILDBIRTH related questions so email me.


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