Monday, 6 June 2016

June V-Bac

Greetings it is June already! Where is 2016 going to?

I was chatting to a pregnant woman this morning who is booked to have Cesarean Section in 2 weeks time for her 3rd baby. She was telling me how sad she felt that this time she had no choice.  For the birth of her 1st baby her first labour lasted 30 hours before she had an Emergency Cesarean Section for failure to progress. For her 2nd baby 2 years later instead of labour she choose to have a booked C'Section(Cesarean Section) rather than take the chance of the same scenario happening all over again.  Having had 2 C'Sections in a row she was now given no choice but to have a 3rd. If only she had known she was going to have a 3rd baby she would have chosen differently and and tried a V-Bac.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean or V-Bac used to be called 'Trial of Scar' in London when I was working as a midwife. Mothers-to-be who had had just 1 previous C'Section could try for a 'Natural' labour as long as the gap was more than 12 months and the scar looked to be strong enough to withstand labour. If all went well then the baby was born vaginally with no danger to mother or baby. Having then had a natural labour the 3rd baby could also be born naturally and so on.

Of course not all Dr's will even today give you an option to try a Vaginal birth after Cesarean section.  It really varies from Dr to Dr and by individual case. So if you would like to have a natural birth after having had a Cesarean then you may need to ask around for an sympathetic Dr to look after you during your pregnancy and see how it pans out.

I suggested that at least all 3 of her babies will have been born the same way and could all compare notes later on! I know that my 2 daughters like the fact that they were both born in similar circumstances and their babyhoods too were similar!

If you are travelling out of Singapore for the Summer holidays have a safe journey and a good break from routine.


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