Thursday, 30 July 2015

Birth writing.

In 2012 I bought you 12 Positive Birth Stories, a collection of births, some of them didn't follow the birth plans written by the couples but all of them had a POSITIVE birth experience.

2016 I will publish 'Zen and the Art of Birth.' which will give you some POSITIVE tips for labour and birth. These tips are gleaned from my 35 years experience as a Midwife in the UK and Doula in Singapore attending births.

In Cultures where the FEAR has been removed surrounding labour and birth, the event is easy and the labours short.  Women don't need classes to prepare themselves for labour. They know instinctively that they can TRUST their bodies to birth their babies safely.  When labour starts they Let go and trust their birthing bodies.

Somehow or other over centuries most of us have got lost, we are still frightened of labour and prepare ourselves as if preparing for a marathon, we train our bodies to increase our stamina and prepare our minds by taking as many different Antenatal classes as we can, we sift through all the information which is valid and useful to plan a strategy for labour.

 Don't over think. You trust during pregnancy that your body will follow the pre designed plan so why not for labour and birth as well?

 On another note:
]The Summer holidays are almost over, Schools and universities will be starting new terms in a couple of weeks, the carefree days will end as work begins a new. I am taking my vacation to settle my youngest daughter into University in USA. A new adventure for her, and for me too.

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