Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Is there anyone out there?

Greetings from 2016.  Is anyone out there? 
I have been eagerly waiting for some questions on Pregnancy to come through my website but sadly nobody seems to have any!

I know that there are far too many Pregnancy websites and now of course Apps. I browsed and came across 50 different Pregnancy and Breastfeeding apps. Some were interesting, but of course to find out the piece of information you are looking for one has to troll through the pages of each one.

I love all things tech but am a a slow learner, user error features highly in the workings of my electronics! Electronics are the way of the future. A few months ago I attended a birth as a Doula, the father-to-be had been timing his wife's contractions at home using the app on his I-phone and insisted on continuing to do so throughout the 12 + hours of labour. It was comical, but it gave him a sense of control over the situation. Even during the 2nd stage, when the mother-to -be was breathing the baby down the birth path towards crowning he was timing her breaths on the app. Once the baby was out he pushed a stop button and the app congratulated him on a job well done!  Toys for the boys!

I love my I-pad-mini. It fits into my handbags and can do almost everything I could possibly need. I grew up watching 'Startrek' and loved the tablets they used, of course they used one for each subject and today we have one that does everything but they nearly got it right and It is good to improve on ideas.

I know that I have to find a way to let people know about my website and I promise to do that. So IF you come across my site and have questions on pregnancy I am happy to answer them for you. I have 36 years of experience in the field.


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